Why Do We Need Donations?

Dance Ethics Studios was started with little funding in August, 2020, the height of the pandemic. During this time our owner, Jayda Fleming continued to pay for the studio's expenses with no clientele due to the spread of covid-19. Once the studio started to gain clientele in August 2021 the prices of our dance classes dropped to meet the needs of our lower income community so that parents are able to afford extracurricular activities for their kids within their own community. Due to this it is hard to keep the studio afloat with just the money the studio makes alone. Most of the funds used to pay for expenses (rent, light, water, etc) comes from the owner's personal income. We have been applying for grants for over a year with no luck of being funded. We are asking for any donations to help with funding not only D.E.S but also the dancers in our community. Thank you!