Jayda Fleming

Jayda has danced since the age of 8 and attended multiple schools as a dance major. She knew by 7th grade after her last year of competition cheerleading that she wanted to open a dance studio. The Arts are very important to her and she believes that children and adults should have the opportunity to explore different genres of dance in their own community. In August 2020 Jayda opened Dance Ethics Studios, at the age of 18 with little funding and limited business experience. The studio caters to dancers ages 3 and up of all levels. (Her love for kids was also an inspiration to teach young ages as she also teaches preschool during the day). Her intentions are to bring light to the potential talent in her underdeveloped community. She uses the studio’s building to train dancers of all levels in different genres such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, majorette, and tumbling and hopes to one day choreograph for A list celebrities. 

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